Defense Sector

Veritay provides a variety of products and services to the defense industry, specializing in the fields of ballistics research and development, advanced weapon systems, ammunition design, and propulsion.

  • Custom-built thermal instrumentation for quantifying gun barrel thermal variance for small, medium, and large caliber weapon systems
  • Design, analysis, and consulting services in interior ballistics, ammunition design, ordnance development, and propulsion
  • Research and development activities in advanced weapon systems as both prime and sub-contractor

Commercial Industries

Veritay offers a variety of controller products and related services for OEMs and specialty industries. Our product line is a microprocessor-based temperature controller for OEM applications. We design an entire range of ergonomic controller systems and sub-systems including control, monitoring and display functions. Key advantages of Veritay controllers include:

  • Customer-specific control features
  • OEM customization of custom display messages and instructions
  • Data logging, reduced power consumption, built-in equipment safeguarding

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