Founded in 1983, Veritay Technology, Inc. is a small business headquartered in Buffalo, New York specializing in gun barrel and ammunition ballistics research, development, test and evaluation. Our unique technical capabilities and expertise in support of ordnance-related programs include experimental ammunition development, consolidated charge design and production, barrel wear abatement and ballistic testing.

Defense-related activities include:

  • Experimental, analytical, and production capabilities in the area of interior ballistics and ammunition development
  • Consolidated propellant charge production for U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force programs
  • Live-fire gun testing in our enclosed firing ranges
  • High-volume bio-aerosol collector for use in defense of biological attacks

Our capabilities also include software modeling, design and fabrication:

Veritay’s commercial electronics group is an outgrowth of our defense work, with custom and off-the-shelf temperature controller products for the commercial food retailer industry.

As a small business, we are able to respond quickly to individual customer needs, getting the job done efficiently with high quality, and at an price point that makes outsourcing to Veritay an attractive option.

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