Blast Chillers

Custom Blast Chiller Controller developed for a food-service equipment OEM to quickly cool or freeze food prepared in restaurants. The controller manages operation of the refrigeration compressor, defrost heater, and unit fan. Operating cycles are programmed via menu options displayed on the LCD graphics display unit. Features include:

  • Automatic defrost cycle
  • Large digit display of timed cycles
  • Remote data logging to a PC
  • Food probe verification
  • Self diagnostics
  • Password protection
controllerboard controllerboard2 controllerboard3

A Retrofitted Blast Chiller Controller was developed as a direct replacement for an existing control system to provide the customer with additional features. The unit’s appearance remained unchanged, with stock overlay and integral printer still intact. The retrofit controller operates refrigeration compressor, defrost heater, and unit fan. A membrane keypad is used to manually set operating cycles and various system parameters. Key features include:

  • Multi-segment display indicator
  • Adjustable log and print interval
  • Automatic or manual scan of food probes
controllerboard3 rbcboard1 rbcboard2

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