Erosion Inhibitors

Ever increasing demand for improved gun system performance has led to the use of more energetic and erosive gun propellant formulations.  While improving performance, these AblatorPlugnew propellants dramatically accelerate gun tube wear, requiring more frequent and costly tube replacement.

Veritay’s Erosion Inhibitor paste additives are field-proven to protect the bore surface from thermal and chemical attack with every round fired.  Our pastes act as a friction liner in large-caliber applications, or in the case closure plug for separately-loaded ammunition.  For fixed ammunition, both large and small, Erosion Inhibitor paste is applied to the shoulder region of the case for improved protection.

Our Erosion Inhibitor paste forms a protective barrier between the barrel and round to prevent heat and chemical attack during firing. It is then cleared out the barrel along with the round and heat it absorbed.  Our paste doesn’t build up or foul the gun barrel rifling, and can be custom-formulated for specific applications.

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