Ammunition Design & Development

Veritay has more than 30 years of experience in ammunition design, development, and testing, participating in programs ranging from small to large caliber, and with conventional cased to advanced caseless and cased telescoped ammunition.  Some of our key development programs include:

Lightweight small caliber Cased Telescoped Ammunition developed for the U.S. Army, the lightweight CTA cartridge uses thermally consolidated propellant w i th a light weight polymer case to reduce ammunition weight by nearly 40%. TERM-KE (XM1007) is a 120mm gun launched, rocket-boosted, guided anti-tank round.  Veritay developed and produced the consolidated propellant charge. We also designed and produced the smart electronic ignition system for the round to compensate for temperature.
smallcalcta_small TERM
MRAAS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition System. Veritay investigated a 105mm Cased Telescoped Ammunition concept for the Future Combat System armored vehicle. Studies included investigation of ignition for stick and consolidated granular propellants. The 20mm Tround (Triangular Round) was a concept combining a telescoped ammunition configuration with a triangular cross-section. The novel shape offered greater packaging efficiency, and allowed use of a rotary open-chamber weapon design. The T-round here used a polymer case.

20mm Tround Ammunition

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