Consolidated Propellants

Veritay is a market leader in the use and application of consolidated propellant in gun propulsion, ideal for applications where chamber volume is limited or loose propellant is undesired.  Consolidation improves propellant charge density for increased muzzle velocity, or propellant charge volume reduction (while maintaining charge mass) for reduced cartridge size.

At Veritay, we utilize a thermal consolidation process that eliminates problems associated with earlier solvent-based methods.  Consolidation is enabled using extruded-grain propellants that are coated with a heat-activated binder.  The binder is energetic to promote combustion, or inert to inhibit combustion.  Since the propellant is heated during consolidation, grain fracture is virtually eliminated.  Consolidated propellant charges have excellent mechanical strength and durability, yet will easily de-consolidate into individual grains once ignited.

Veritay consolidated propellant charges are available for many applications:

5.56mm Caseless Ammo

Consolidated Ball Powder

7.62mm CTA Consolidated Charges

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