Gun Barrel Erosion

Veritay has an extensive background in quantifying and mitigating gun tube erosion and wear.  Large caliber gun tubes, in particular, represent a significant investment that makes our preventative maintenance plan very cost effective.

Gun Tube Erosion Sensors

Two types of sensors used to study gun tube wear.  Our In-wall thermocouples provide a non-intrusive means to measure the amount of heat transferred to the gun tube wall50cal fixture during a ballistic event. These thermocouples are the most commonly used sensor for studying gun barrel thermodynamics which is directly related to barrel wear.

We also have gun barrel erosion studs available to directly measure bore surface erosion. These studs require through-hole drilling in the gun tube so that the measurement surface is in contact with the propellant combustion gasses.

Erosion Test Fixtures (ETF)

Veritay has two ballistic test fixtures designed for evaluating new gun barrel materials and gun bore coatings. Both test fixtures use a replaceable sample ring used for testing new materials, gun bore coatings, and to evaluate wear characteristics of new propellants.

Our .50 caliber test fixture provides a low-cost approach to testing new materials under actual live-fire conditions. It uses a small material samples and common ammunition components. Our 25mm test fixture generates higher heating and erosion rates, providing a more rigorous test.

Prior to testing, the material sample ring is precisely measured to determine its initialEROSION assy condition. Once the test series is completed, the ring is measured again to quantify the amount of erosion.

Veritay’s Erosion Test Fixtures verify the effectiveness of new bore coating technologies under actual ballistic conditions, and determine efficacy of novel propellant formulations and wear-reducing additives.  Often results are compared to known standard rounds to establish a relationship between test results and expected performance in the gun system under evaluation.

Barrel Erosion Inhibitor

Originally formulated and developed by Veritay for the M919 APFSDS round, our highly effective erosion inhibiting gun barrel paste is now utilized with many US Army and Navy ammunition applications, including ERGM.

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