Ballistic Testing

Veritay has three enclosed test firing ranges suitable for most small-arms and cannon-caliber ammunition development and gun tube wear studies. Large caliber testing is generally limited to low-zones and ignition diagnostics.

Available instrumentation:

  • Piezoelectric pressure transducers (PCB Piezotronics, Kistler)
  • In-wall thermocouples (Veritay Type-K)
  • Muzzle velocity (Optical and break-screens)
  • In-chamber / in-bore projectile position and velocity (laser-optical)
  • High speed flash photography (EG&G Microflash)
  • High speed motion pictures (16mm Hycam)

High-speed data collection capabilities with:

  • LeCroy CAMAC mainframes (up to 20 channels each, 5MHz acquisition rate)
  • IO-Tech Wavebook 512 portable data acquisition system
  • National Instruments DAQ-Pad 6070E portable data acquisition system
  • Digitizing oscilloscopes

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