Veritay is a DoD security clearance facility, with “Unclassified” through “Top Secret” clearance ratings and provides the following services.

Gun Barrel Instrumentation Port Drilling

Quality instrumentation is crucial to the success of any live-fire ballistic program. Instrumentation requirements typically include pressure transducers, thermocouples, accelerometers and other measurement devices dependent on the needs of the test program. Proper installation of these instrumentation ports requires great precision during the machining process.

Ballistic Testing

Veritay facilities include three enclosed firing ranges situated on a former Nike Ajax anti-aircraft missile base.  Our test ranges are suitable for most small-arms and cannon-caliber ammunition development and gun tube wear studies.  Large caliber testing is generally limited to low-zones and ignition diagnostics.

On-Site Test Support

In conjunction with our instrumentation port machining service, Veritay provides on-site program support during testing at Government or Commercial Proving Grounds.

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