Research & Development

Ammunition Design & Development

Veritay has nearly 30 years of experience in ammunition design, development, and testing.  Through the years, we have participated in many ammunition development programs, ranging from small to medium and large caliber ammunition, and from conventional cased ammunition, to advanced concepts such as case-less and cased telescoped ammunition.

Interior Ballistics R&D

An intimate understanding of interior ballistics is necessary for the successful development of an ammunition concept or a new weapon system.  At Veritay, we offer a wealth of experience in interior ballistics computer simulation and experimental diagnostics.

Consolidated Propellants

Veritay is a market leader in the use and application of consolidated propellant in gun propulsion.  Consolidation is used to increase the density of the propellant charge so that more propellant can be loaded into the chamber of the gun.  Consolidation is also used to reduce volume of the propellant charge while maintaining the same charge mass, thus reducing the size of the cartridge.

Gun Barrel Wear & Erosion

Veritay has an extensive background in quantifying and mitigating gun tube erosion and wear.  Large caliber gun tubes, in particular, represent a significant investmet that makes a preventative maintenance plan very attractive and cost effective.

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